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Huffington Post — "Survivor Music – Carla Garapedian, Director of Screamers"

PopMatters "Rattling the Cage"

Washington Post "Voicing their Outrage" January 21 07

Boston Globe "Documentarian bands with rockers to target genocide"

“Screamers” Serj Tankian and Carla Garapedian Denounce Cancellation of UN Genocide Exhibition Mentioning Armenians

"This festival will leave you completely sober"
—Bill Brownstein, THE GAZETTE

'Screamers' is a powerful attempt to reach a new audience


"A brilliant film. Everyone should see it"
—Larry King, CNN

"the film offers true insight"
—Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly

"The film's hugely important subject of mass slaughters of innocent peoples must get to audiences any way possible."
—Doris Toumarkine, Film Journal International

CNN--"A brilliant film. Everyone should see it." (Larry King)

New York Daily News--"***" (Three Stars)

New York Times--"... this invigorating and articulate film unfolds at the sensitive intersection of entertainment and politics … the harrowing reminiscences of the lead singer Serj Tankian's grandfather, one of the few remaining Armenian eyewitnesses, make the suffering personal." (Jeannette Catsoulis, 1/25/07)

MAXIM--"'Screamers' is an urgent and vitally important new film that serves as a stirring call to action for a new generation...and extraordinary move that dares to say, 'Never Again!'" (Pete Hammond)

Village Voice--"Genius"


Entertainment Weekly -- "Surprising gravitas"

Newsweek - "Pick of Non-Fiction Films" 2006/7

Boston Globe (front page, Living Arts section)--"'We say 'never again' but we have allowed genocides to happen consistently since the Holocaust'....On Jan 19th ... Armenian journalist Hrant Dink, who is featured in 'Screamers' was shot to death outside the offices of the Agos newspaper in Istanbul....How disturbing is this? (Garapedian) 'Hrant Dink was a 'screamer' and look what happened to him (but) the band is going to keep doing its music and I'm going to continue the national release of the film. People of good conscience just have to keep on what they're doing and keep on screaming.'"
(Sarah Rodman, Globe staff, 2/4/2007)

Washington Post (front page, Sunday Style Section)-- "Carla Garapedian is a screamer, too....the film's release comes at a time when celebrities such as George Clooney, Don Cheadle and the activist-hydra know as Brangelina are preaching genocide awareness (but) System of a Down confronts the issue....they've sold more than 16 million albums (and) their activism is focused. Garapedian concurs with the band's approach. "We've all got to stand up and scream and tell our politicians we've got to do something about this now." (Chris Richards, Special to the Washington Post, 1/21/07)

LATimes (Sunday, 11/0/06)-- "Eye-opening"

LATimes Calendar (Front page)--"Band backs genocide project....the film's title has a double meaning: 'Screamers' refers both to the band's propulsive musical style and, as used by Harvard professor Samantha Power, who is interviewed in the film, to people who force the world to acknowledge genocides....." (Robin Abcarian, 12/6/06)

LATimes (Page 3, Section 1)-- "Music with a message....a new documentary (makes) a stark point: All genocides of the last century were known by governments that could have halted the killing but chose not to." (12/8/06)

LATimes (Review)--"Director Carla Garapedian's documentary 'Screamers' refers to a resolute determination to bring genocide to light.....'Screamers' springs off the multiplatinum, Grammy winning band's most recent tour....The band puts the issue before thousands who wouldn't have otherwise thought of it....." (Michael Ordona, 12/8/06)

LADaily News (Review)-- ("***") "'Screamers (director) Garapedian and Producer Peter McAlevey offer much to ponder, not to mention a group with more than fame on its mind." (Even Henerson, Staff Writer, 12/8/06)

Citybeat--"'Heavy metal isn't just mindless noise. Sometimes, maybe--but in the hands of the band System of a Down, it is a storm of sound and ideas, a collision of wild intelligence and genuine rage....('Screamers') is a frequently moving, high-volume journey." (Steve Appelford, 12/7-13/06)

Time Out New York--"Don't Miss....the film's composite testimony from the charismatic band...and politicians, scholars and eyewitnesses is both scary and motivating." (Hank Shteamer, 1/25-31/07)

Moviefone: "****" (Four stars)

The Independent, UK: "Powerful"

The Gazette, Montreal: "Stirring documentary"

The Guardian, UK: Pick of the Week: "System of a Down are on a mission to make the world listen."

The Globe and Mail, Toronto: "The members of SOAD are Armenian-American and have dedicated themselves to educating the world about the Armenian genocide and the Turkish government's continued denial of the crime."

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